Home Sweet Home: Creating a Sanctuary for Your Family

Parents often worry that when their children start having a circle of friends and new interests of their own, they may not often see their kids at home anymore.

Well, this normally happens at an age when the children begin to socialize and mingle with their own peer. They would hang out more often with their friends than they would with their parents. It hurts the parents to see their kids slowly slipping away, but they must learn to accept the inevitable.

Keeping the children at home

While it is true your children will not be by your side for the rest of your life, you can do something to make them want to stay home as often as they can. Here are some of the ways.

  • Keep your house always neat and orderly. Make it a cozy and comfortable place to live in – with the bed sheets regularly changed and the rooms well ventilated. In other words, turn your dwelling into a place that your children will look forward to come home to at the end of each day.
  • Try not to be too rigid with house rules. Keep your house orderly but stay away from the kids’ bedrooms if possible. Children do not like their parents to be fixing their bedroom mess because they have a way of arranging their stuff, no matter how topsy-turvy it may seem. Just remind them now and then that they need to straighten up their rooms as part of their duties in the house.
  • Keep the pantry full. Children are always hungry. If they cannot find enough food to eat in the pantry, they will look for it somewhere else.
  • Keep the kitchen busy with something that is always cooking. Prepare their favorite dishes on weekends. Plan your meals so that you can still serve warm and freshly cooked food during weekday dinners.
  • Invest on some interesting board games and sports items. Schedule a night of games for everyone. At first the kids might find this boring but once you establish the habit, they will learn to like the fun family nights.
  • Keep your communication open. Talk to your children in a loving manner but keep a firm hand when instilling discipline. Love them naturally without expecting them to give back the same love to you. Love is earned, not imposed or demanded and when you give it unconditionally, they will do the same in return.

Home is where the heart is and there is no place like home, so the old sayings go. Strive to make your home a sanctuary for you and your kids so that wherever they may decide to be when they grow up, they know they have a place to go home to.

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Finding Medical Miracles to Cure Various Illnesses

getting healthyYou have probably heard about medical miracles from the news, social media networks, work place or even your own neighborhood. In this age of modern technology and medicine, most people would much prefer to bank on scientific methods to cure their ailments.

However, the potency of alternative medical cure must not be underestimated as many of them have been proven to be effective.

The body as a machine

The body is like a machine that needs to be checked and maintained on a regular basis. Just like a car, the oil must be replaced, the motor must be lubricated and the exterior must be washed and polished as well. The human body must be given all the attention and care that it needs for it to stay fit and healthy all the time. More than the medicines, surgery and clinical treatments that are provided when one is sick, disease prevention through health maintenance works better.

Proper nutrition

To correct poor health, a person must make sure he is getting enough nourishment from the food that he eats. Meanwhile when he becomes sick, his nutritional provisions must be intensified so that his body’s immune system will have enough strength to fight the disease. This can be observed on a person who is sick with flu. By providing him with vitamin-rich foods, his body eventually regains strength and recovers from the virus. Proper and enough nutrition then is the answer to many diseases.

Medical miracles often take place through nourishing the body with the right nutrients that will help it counter diseases. Even cancer, a much-dreaded disease, is said to respond well to nutrition as an alternative means to eradicate the symptoms.

Although pharmaceutical products are the proven and accepted cures to all maladies, the field of medicine is now slowly accepting the natural approach of treating sick people.

Looking for the miracle cures

So where can one find the miracle cures? Can the healing priest in your community provide this miracle treatment on your sick child? No, he cannot. But you can find the miracle cures right under your watch if you will only open your eyes and mind.

The use of natural methods in curing the sick is actually within your reach. They can be the greens in the market or the herbs in your garden. Indeed medical miracles are in your hands and it is up to you to decide how to utilize them to the fullest.

At this point, one must also take note that medical miracles are also brought by adapting a healthy lifestyle in which you have to treat your body well by not abusing it through late nights and poor eating habits.

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Loving Unconditionally by Living for Others

positive livingWhat makes you want to get up in the morning? This question is used in an advertisement where several people are asked what motivates them to get up from bed everyday. Some answered it is their work. Others answered it is their hobbies. On the other hand, quite a few referred to their families as their motivation. Of the three responses, the last one shows there are indeed people that live their lives not for themselves alone, but for others as well, which is their loved ones.

Understanding unconditional love

Love is not merely a feeling. When you meet a person and you feel your heart throbbing wildly and your eyes flutter while you talk to him or her, it does not really mean that you love the person already. On the other hand when you cry so painfully because your partner deserted you to be with another love interest, the tears do not necessarily define love. Telling a person you love him from head to toe because his eyes make you melt and his scent makes you faint in ecstasy is not enough to show your love.

More of an action and commitment

Love is more of an action and commitment. Holding, hugging and lovemaking are only physical intimacies that form part of the whole act of loving. More than any of these physical closeness, love is demonstrated by keeping up with your commitment with the person. This means you must be willing to stay with your loved one through time, regardless of his imperfections and faults.

When you say you love a person because he is kind and thoughtful, you do not really love him per se. Instead, you feel like you love him because of the things he is doing to you, which satisfies and makes you happy. The issue now is, when the person ceases to meet your expectations, your love starts to wane. That is not true love at all, for love that is real does not put conditions or terms of measurement on the other person’s capacity to love back.

Living for others

When you live for others, you make yourself available for the people you love at all times, especially when they are in need of your attention, care or presence. By living for others, you are willing to put aside your own priorities and put the person in front of you so that you can back him up. With unconditional love, you cease to be selfish but you become selfless instead. And since love begets love, those you love and live for will naturally love you back and will be willing to live for you as well.

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Employment Opportunities for New Parents

If you are a new parent (or are about to become one!), one of the first lessons you need to learn is how important a good job is. The old adage that “all you need is love” certainly does not apply when you have children! Yes, love is a must, but there are other equally important things to have in order to be a good parent.

Is Money Important?

We all know that money is not the be-all end-all of life. However, it is a fact that a lack of money can cause a considerable amount of hardship for new parents of any age. After all, having a child is expensive! Of course there are the obvious costs associated with having a baby like maternity care and hospital expenses. There are also many other costs that parents often don’t think about when planning a new addition to the family, such as:

  • Diapers, whether cloth or disposable, are expensive and are used for two to three years per child.
  • Formula can be a huge cost, especially if your child has medical issues. Even breastfeeding has an additional cost in the form of increased nutritional needs.
  • Clothing is something that babies go through at a rapid rate!
  • The cost of child care if both parents are working, as well as time missed from work due to illnesses.

While it is true that new babies and young children can thrive in poor economic times if their parents provide even the basic necessities and lots of love, having a good job can make life so much easier for the parents!

Employment Options in the Construction Industry

If you are a new parent who is looking for a better job, you may want to consider obtaining an Australian construction industry white card. This card is a necessity if you work in any aspect of the construction industry, from installing drywall to plumbing to as simple a job as cleaning up after the other construction workers.

While you may have never considered working in construction, it can definitely lead the way to a better paying job. As the economy improves, more homes and offices are being built, and you can perform many different types of work without having any special training. However, if you do not have your white card, you are unable to even be a janitor on a construction site!

Finding Employment in the Hospitality Industry

Another option for gainful employment is to work in the hospitality industry. This encompasses many different jobs, such as being a server or bartender. While these may not seem like glamorous positions, they can provide a steady source of income for your family!

Like working in the construction industry, jobs in the hospitality industry often require that you have a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certification. By taking an RSA course over the internet on this site, you can receive the necessary training for any job that involves the service or sales of liquor.

Whatever you decide to do, however, making sure that you have an adequate source of income is an important part of being a parent. Love does make the work go ’round, but money pays the bills!

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How Outdoor Pursuits can Change Your Life for the Better

There is nothing quite like getting out and doing something physical in the fresh air. No matter what problems you have in your life, whether big or small it will always make you feel better. Many experts say exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your mood, especially if you suffer from depression. So if you combine that with the great outdoors you will soon be wondering what got you down in the first place. People also find that regular exercise gives them more energy, so instead of relying on your coffee maker every day you should be able to enjoy the natural buzz of life.

There are so many outdoor activities you can choose from that there is something for everyone’s tastes. If you are an adrenaline junkie then you will want to look at things like mountain climbing or white water rafting. Whereas if you prefer to do something a bit more laid back and peaceful then consider hiking or kayaking. Here is a list of some other outdoor pursuits to consider:

  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing + snowboarding
  • Canyoning
  • Orienteering
  • Camping
  • Bird watching
  • Scuba diving
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Para sailing
  • Gliding

Personally I like a combination of intense and more relaxed activities which is why I like both white water rafting and hiking. You will find that when you are doing something that requires your full attention and gets the adrenaline flowing you will be in your element. There is no time for your brain to have random thoughts and contemplate life, you cannot be sad whilst racing down a fast flowing river and guiding yourself around the rocks.

As for Hiking, well this is a time to be one with nature and practice your Zen. I like to do some very lengthy hikes but in order to really enjoy them you need comfortable footwear, to find the best hiking boots check out this site. Once you have found a pair of shoes you like then it’s time to head out and free yourself from all the distractions of modern life. Forget about social networking, TV, the news and all the other forms of media which often contribute little in the way of true value to your life. Hiking is a time to reflect and if you can try and be very present whilst doing it, it can be used as a powerful form of meditation. Alternatively if you start feeling lonely you could always listen to one of your favourite podcast along the way.

So now it is time for you to make a decision, there really is no excuse because there are such a huge selection of outdoor activities. It is impossible to not find something you will like, just consider your personality and fitness levels first. If you are just starting out then there is nothing wrong with doing things slowly at first, just a short hike once per week for example is a great start. You can then take up more activities as you wish, and you will soon be full energy for life.

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Risking Your Life as a HAZWOPER Hero

Being a HAZWOPER is a risk to your life everyday on the job. Is it worth it? Yes, I believe it is. Without HAZWOPERs to help clean up certain disasters it could risk the lives of many people, animal species and ecosystems. Take the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico for instance; many HAZWOPER employees were sent to help clean the spill. In doing so they had to work many excruciating hours to try and help save many ocean species.

It may seem pointless to some or a waste of time, but no one seems to care about the risk to the environment anymore. It takes a person with a big heart and a wonderful soul to go through the trouble of saving something that doesn’t directly pertain to them. They put making sure everyone else is safe first and themselves second. They are heroes of a different kind. If there is hazardous waste in your neighborhood are you willing to risk your life to help clean up the damage before it affects the people around you? If so you are one of the many people who should become a Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response certified worker. Chemical spills or hazardous waste can cause many health problems to an individual, but they do it for the love they have for others.

We have to come together and work as one to make sure this is a safe place for our kids, grandkids, etc. have a safe place to live in the future. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have made mistakes in the past it’s how you learn to care about the future that makes a difference. You have to ask yourself; is it worth it to save lives of humans and animals? I am not saying the only way to be selfless is by becoming a HAZWOPER Hero, but I am saying life is too short to be selfish.

There are everyday heroes; such as firefighters, cops, EMTs, etc. They all put everyone else above them. I’m a writer; it is what I do now, but I am also a certified Phlebotomist, EMT, and Nursing Assistant. Over the years I have been put in situations that some people would not dare get involved with. I have worked with quarantined patients for various reasons. Even though I was putting myself at risk, and risking my family if something went wrong; I did it anyways.

Everyone needs someone to look at them and see the person not the problem. It’s basically the same thing for any job that deals with exposure to something or someone hazardous. You do it because you enjoy what you do and helping people. There is nothing wrong with that and the first ones to criticize are usually the first to run in the other direction in the first sign of trouble. You can be fourteen or forty and there are still ways to help out.

You do not have to risk your life to do your part you just need to do a part.

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Creativity Thinking To Improve Your Life And Career

The following statements express the feelings of a person who has given up on creativity.

“Are there any new ideas left in the world?” or “I’ve been unsuccessful so many times before, I don’t foresee any way to resolve this problem.”

Sadly, there are many who go through this thinking process. They have never looked at creativity as a handy instrument to enhance and improvise their situations in life in all of its diversity.

Circumstances that require a resolution can be approached in many ways. It’s not like there’s only one exact way to solve each issue. This holistic approach is at the crux of careers in chiropractic, for example. Take a closer look at some chiropractic school training if you’re interested. Being creative helps open a whole new way of looking at the world and brings with it all of those benefits. Creativity can occasionally be interpreted incorrrectly as an inflexible attitude. Some people believe that doing things in a different way is a sign of stubbornness.

Never hold back a good idea. Every person is free to interpret in their own distinctive way. Any interpretation by itself is creativity at work. A person who enjoys innovative thinking can easily come up with novel solutions for situations that require a quick fix.

For instance, you are on your way home for the evening and your husband calls to remind you that you are hosting a dinner get together. You get home, only to realize that the dog has eaten your dessert!

You immediately think you can whip up a chocolate cake, start the process, only to find out you have only one egg! This will not work, but then you remember an old substitute. You can substitute a cup of real mayonnaise for 1/4 cup of the oil needed and the egg that you needed! Quickly, with a little creativity, you have a chocolate masterpiece. Dessert has been saved!

Being creative might require you to think out-of-the-box, venturing your mind into the unknown. You can never be sure of your ideas until you try them. As long as there is no seeming danger involved, it is always worth a try.

Creativity surrounds us every day. We just often do not notice it. Each day try to doodle on a note pad for a few minutes. Creative writing is easy as well… get a simple notebook and begin to write, you may feel strange at first, but as you continue…it becomes a flow and all kinds of ideas are transformed to the paper! Revisit your creative side from when you were a kid to now as an adult! Make note of what/where you want to go!!!

In a way, creativity is a never-ending learning process. From knowledge, you gain untold benefits which you can use in real life situations, including financially speaking. Referring back to our chiropractic example, you’d be surprised how much salary a chiropractic makes in a career borne out of out-of-the-box thinking.

It must be noted that creativity is a very powerful tool. You can choose to enhance it or not. But, if you choose to enhance it, your creativity can definitely take you places.

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One homeless man’s dream to become a New York firefighter

For Martin Evans life was always a breeze. High paying business career, a loving family and a well-kept home. Martin loved to host parties and be the host of the community and could never resist a good night out with the friends.

Martin’s one friend introduced him to the life of gambling and how to make even more money with a couple of bets on the side. This was exciting and in the beginning Martin thought he was king, wining money on the side and not having to work as hard at work because gambling was much easier.

Life started crumbling for Martin when the ‘good luck’ streak ended and he started losing all his hard earned money. This was no problem in the beginning though, all he had to do was dip into his savings accounts and the children’s money to help get that ‘lucky break’. Soon Evans realized that he had lost all his and his family’s money, and his family walked out on his addiction.

Like all gambling addiction stories go, Evans lost his home, career as well as his family. Soon all Martin needed was a quick gamble and he would be fine. He was living with friends and sometimes out in the park, all depending on what time he finished at the casino. Eventually Evans was banned from the casinos and tried to seek help from family and friends.

Martin was put through rehabilitation for a gambling addiction, he had his ups and downs and he even started making friends again. Martin soon became friends with a group of firefighters from the community that helped the rehabilitation centre, and the next thing he knew he was volunteering at the local fire department. Evans volunteered for nearly a year when he got the best present of his life, he was given a bursary to become a qualified fire fighter and a guaranteed career at the fire department on their terms and conditions.

Evans finally was getting his life back on track and started to work as a qualified firefighter. He found this more exciting than the business career he had once lived, and now fought to get his family back after three long years on the street. As much as Evan’s ex-wife refused to help him out with his pleading he was allowed to patch things up with his children and started his life afresh and make up for everything that went wrong.

This story is not a sad story, but more of a story to get the community to realize that the homeless can turn their life around and make a career again even once it has been lost. Gambling is a terrible addiction, and if you know of anyone who is struggling with this addiction please call your rehabilitation center and make sure that the person is helped as soon as possible. Martin is only one example of a heartbreaking story of a homeless man growing and changing his life for the better when there are a million more cases like this out there.

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Top Benefits of Buying an SUV

SUVs or Sports Utility Vehicles have always been popular. However, some people would rather go for smaller cars than SUVs. There are also those who are not attracted with the overall look of the vehicle. Before closing your door, you have to realize that this type of vehicle provides a lot of benefits. Thus, you need to give it a chance. This article covers some of the reasons why you need to invest on it.

  • SUVs are safer since they are larger and have heavier built. They also have taller seating. There might be concerns regarding rollovers, but manufacturers have already found ways to reduce the risk. The SUV’s available these days are already safe and such issue has already been eliminated.

  • SUVs are capable of towing up to 2,500 pounds with at least 5 passengers to fit in. There are others with a third row seating that accommodates more people.

  • The cargo capacity of USVs is good. It is designed to hold more items and is also taller. Therefore, if you are always on the go, this is what fits your needs.

  • If you wish to make use of a vehicle during the winter season, SUVs are your great partners. The wheels are strong enough to carry you around even if there is snow. However, it is important to note that it is no match with bigger vehicles.

  • SUVs have off roading capabilities. Though they are not really meant for that purpose, in case you are faced with such a challenge, you can rely on them. The truth is that there are some people who make use of SUV’s for off road challenges, but they change the regular wheels first into something bigger.

There are a lot more reasons why you need SUVs. Yes, they might burn more gas compared with regular-sized cars, but they are still decent enough to provide you with long gas mileage. As long as you have the right auto insurance after buying the SUV, you are good to go. You have to start choosing now and enjoy what is in store for you. This website has some reviews about SUVs, click here to read the awesome reviews.

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Is It Time for a Change?

If you are one of the many people who wake up one day and realize you are unsatisfied with your life, it might be time to take a step back and reevaluate. I know many people who have worked at an office job for twenty years only to discover they are desperately unhappy with their work. As you may well know, being unhappy with your job often has a direct effect on your family life, your friendships, and many other aspects of your life.

What is the Problem?

If this sounds like you, one of the first things you need to do is sit down and figure out what the real problem is. There are several different questions you can ask yourself to work this out. Some of the pertinent questions may be:

  • Am I satisfied with my work environment?
  • Do I enjoy the actual work I perform?
  • How do I feel about my co-workers?
  • What can I change about the situation?

Once you have defined the root of your unhappiness, you can take steps to make changes.

What is the Solution?

Depending on the answers to these questions, you may realize that it isn’t the actual job you hate but instead it is the environment or your co-workers or even the location of your job. If this is the case, you may decide to seek a comparable job in a different area or talk with your employer about existing problems in the workplace. By doing so, you may be able to work together to improve the situation.

However, if you come to the conclusion that you really just don’t like anything about your job, from the duties performed to the people with whom you work and everything in between, it is probably time to start looking for another job!

What Are My Options?

If you are not sure what you want to do with the rest of your life but know you are ready for a change, there are some useful online tools to help you discover your true vocation. One site I really like is the Career Center site. There is an excellent tool that allows you to generate a list of different occupations that may fit you perfectly!

Consider Working in the Construction Industry!

Interestingly enough, I know many people who have made the change from working in an office to working in the construction industry. Although the two jobs are as different as night and day, this is often the point of making such a drastic career change!

There is something extremely appealing about using your hands to create something besides a pile of paper in an inbox. Construction allows people the opportunity to perform physical work with tangible results. At the end of the day, you can look around you and see the progress you have made that day, whether you are laying brick or demolishing a building or even remodeling a kitchen.

If you decide that working in the construction industry is the right choice, remember that you do need to obtain a white card in order to be allowed to work on construction sites. You can find more information here, and you can be well on your way to a happier life!

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Top Ways to Lose Weight in 2014

Sure, every time there’s going to be a new year, people would start writing down their resolutions – including how they should lose weight drastically and/or exercise to improve their health. Well, here it is: writing down on losing weight on a piece of paper is basically easier than doing it. Have you ever noticed people who exercise at the start of the year, and then stop towards the end? For that, here are some ways on what you should really do to lose weight. We’re not telling you it’s easy as it takes a lot of courage and discipline.

1. Clean diet. Losing is all about eating healthy! From this day on, make it a point to read nutrition labels of everything that you eat so you know how much cholesterol you are consuming. Also, you should know full well what you should eat and what you should not. It is okay to indulge – but not too much. If you must, go on a diet for the whole week, but allot a certain day wherein you are allowed to “cheat,” or eat anything you’d like. Interested in doing a clean diet? Learn more about the procedure here.

2. Engage in physical activities. It’s really difficult to start engaging in physical activities especially when you do not have the drive. Just like everyone else, start from the bottom by doing a little bit of exercising, like running on a treadmill for thirty minutes. This will target your lower body and increase your endurance.

3. Water therapy. Instead of ordering soda, milkshakes, or beer, stick to water. Not only will this help you be healthier, but it will also help you lose weight. Water will also make your skin glow and more radiant because it’s more natural compared to beverages with sugar.

4. Lap band surgery. If you want to lose weight without exerting effort or it’s okay for you to take the costly way; then resort to Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery or Lap Band Surgery. This is a process wherein the amount of food your stomach can take will become limited; thus, your stomach will be smaller. It will then be easier for you not to eat a lot because you will easily become full.

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Your Pet is Unique Too: Consider Pet Insurance

Top Benefits of Pet Insurance for Australian Pet Owners

Australians are dog lovers, and in the country, pet insurance is becoming more popular because it could be costly to raise a dog. This pays for the veterinary treatments in case the pet gets into an accident or serious illness. This is a good way to prepare for sudden medical expenses and preserve health, just as you would for yourself.

There are several companies that already offer pet insurance, and it’s best to consult a licensed advisor for information.

Companies may differ in the type of coverage and here are other reasons why it is smart to acquire pet insurance.

  • Third Party Liability. If your pet dog injures someone, or if he damages someone else’s belonging, the expenses could be covered. This offers a wider range of coverage, and is a good one to include in your policy, because you will never know when your puppy can cause harm.
  • Coverage for Lost or Stolen Pet. You can also choose an insurance policy  that pays you when your pet is stolen or lost before reaching a certain age. However, companies may require proofs that the pet was really stolen or lost.
  • Coverage for Advertising and Reward. If your pet gets lost and you would have to advertise and pay rewards, the expenses  could be covered by your insurance for a set amount. This gives you the peace of mind that whatever happens to it, you can afford the expenses.

You can choose these things to be covered by your pet insurance, but you must also be informed about what is not covered. Most policies exclude preexisting conditions. These are illnesses already suffered from prior to the insurance.

There is also a waiting period, which usually takes from 10 days to a month before policy starts. Depending on the company, your pet is also subject to age limit before acquiring insurance.

Some dog breeds incur higher premium because of their predisposition to inherited disease. These include German Shepherds, Shar-Peis and Great Danes. You may also ask your insurance agent if they offer an annual limit and excess  that you can claim. Some may even offer rebate if your pet undergoes routine costs for flea control and worming.

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I Started a Forklift Licence Company in Retirement. (Retirement Got Boring)

I thought that retirement would be wonderful. Unlimited time to do whatever you want. Play golf, go fishing, go camping or anything else, whatever you wanted to do you could just get on and do it.

However once I actually retired I found that the reality was very different, in fact I found a few problems with retirement.

The first problem was money. Of course it’s wonderful to be able to do whatever you want, provided you have the money. But where money is tight, as it was for me, then you can’t really do whatever you want because in many cases you can’t afford it.

Of course this wasn’t just unique to me, many people find that they retire with insufficient funds to keep themselves happy in retirement.

And the second problem was finding enough to do with myself. Whilst having all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted seemed like a great idea when I actually retired and had all the time in the world I found that it was extremely difficult to fill in all that time.

Yes you can play golf, but a game of golf lasts a few hours. You can’t play golf all day. Yes you can go fishing, but you can’t go fishing every day. In fact I found it extremely difficult to have enough interesting activities to fill my day.

I solved both problems at once

Eventually I decided it was time to go back to work. But not to work for somebody else, I decided to start my own company.

Having worked as a forklift driver I decided to stay in the same industry. So I set up a company offering forklift training courses for people who wished to qualify for a forklift licence. (You can see it here).

So people come to my company to do forklift training, and I run the training courses. I found that I loved teaching people, and I really enjoy standing up in front of a group of young people teaching them how to acquire a new skill and qualify for a new job.

And plenty of young people have now completed my course and are working happily. That’s very rewarding. And of course it improved the money problem because I had less time to spend money and more income.

And other people have had the same problem, and solved it the same way

I’m not alone. Other people I’ve spoken to have solved similar problems in similar ways.

One friend of mine got on the Internet and started to learn how to build websites that make some money. For instance he started up a website about gun safes reviews, you can see it here.

Personally I’m a hands-on person, I like to deal with people and I couldn’t see myself sitting in front of a computer all day. But he loves it and is perfectly happy typing away on the computer building websites. If that works for him then that’s great.

Retirement got boring. I thought it would be great, before I retired, and after I retired I found that it wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.

But I’ve overcome the problems and am happier than ever. I’m enjoying my business much more than I was enjoying my retirement and I’ve got more money to spend. Who could complain about that?

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The Importance Of Maintaining A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle

It is often said that the first wealth is health. This is something that I never really took much notice of, until the day came when my wife gave birth to my beautiful son and daughter. Then I realized how important my health was.

For me, the idea of not being around long enough to see my children grow up and fully develop into two brilliant human beings was enough to get me to change my ways.

You see, before my children came into the world, exercise and fitness were probably the last two things on my mind. I am very career-orientated, and I’ll be the first to admit that I have neglected my health for a number of years.

Having children was a kind of wake up call that I needed to get my health back on track. So the decision was made – I was going to go about a total body transformation, all for the better.

Like anyone who becomes excited about self-improvement, I decide to set myself a serious physical fitness program for the next three months. I cut alcohol out of my diet, and focused on consuming plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and wholesome foods. The change in diet is something that my family were grateful for as well, as sometimes, it’s all too easy to get take away food or dine out.

The hardest part was finding the energy to get my sorry self to the gym each day. It’s something that I knew I had to do, and with a little encouragement from my wife, I found that I was getting into the swing of things sooner than I expected.

During my weight training sessions at the gym I got together with a friend of mine who regularly works out there as well. Phil was great, he was sort of like my own personal fitness coach, and he was always happy to help with workout exercises, as well as sharing his tips on health and nutrition.

One thing that Phil introduced into my workout schedule that was a real game changer – was the incorporation of pre-workout supplements into my diet, especially on gym days.

These supplements are made to assist with the strength and recovery of muscles, so that more fat gets burned and muscle gets built. I was a little apprehensive about digesting some strange concoction of ingredients I knew nothing about, but Phil sent me to a website that provides some of the best info on pre-workout supplements; you can visit it here for more useful info.

I have to say, the results I saw while incorporating these supplements into my diet was, quite simply, amazing.

Over the period of twelve weeks I lost a total of 11 kilograms, and my body hasn’t looked that healthy and lean since my early 20′s. What’s more, I have found that the healthier I become over the years, the more energy I have to do fun and exciting things with my family – which is a definite plus for all of us.

Perhaps I got started with all of this for the wrong reasons – doing it for my children instead of for myself. But irrespective of that, I can’t stress the importance of staying healthy and fit in order to produce a much more meaningful and happy life not only for yourself, but for your family as well.

For anyone interested, I would say that the best time to start making a difference is right now – because you never know what awaits you tomorrow.

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How Caring for Others Can Redefine Your Purpose in Life – Working as a Medical Assistant

Most of us, for better or worse, tend to live our lives according to the best laid plans. Go to school, perhaps college after that, get a job that you like and which fits your qualifications, and the rest is up to you. Wife, kids, a dog, you know, the works. Making our dreams or plans come true gives us a sense of accomplishment and confidence in our own abilities. You feel secure. You put in the effort, you get results and there are no unpleasant surprises. But unfortunately, things in life can often take a turn for the worse, or simply you wind in a place you didn’t plan on being, which might not be that bad, but it’s not what you have wanted in the first place.

This especially true in today’s world when having a job and a career is the single most important thing for each and every one of us because it gives a starting point, a foundation we can build on. Apart from putting food on our tables our jobs make us feel useful and give us a purpose, which is why losing a job or not being able to find one makes us feel so awful. And this, sadly, is becoming more commonplace than ever. But there is hope.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend. She was stuck at a low-paying, dead end job which she hated and with no chance of things getting better. She stuck with it for a while, hoping that something would happen. As you can guess, nothing did until she decided to take matter into her own hands.

She had been interested in medicine in one shape or another her whole life but lacked the financial means to go to college and become a doctor. Luckily, after some research she realized that the medical profession offered many more opportunities than becoming a doctor. Have a look at this website for examples of many varied nursing careers, get some ideas for your future. They cover salary and job descriptions information for several types of nurse.

My friend realized there was a career to be had in medicine after all and the possibilities for further development and education were excellent, as well as a chance for employment and higher salary. She realized that with her academic qualifications she would need to start near the bottom. A medical assistant is a low entry career but still with many opportunities. The average salary for medical assistants is below the nation U.S. salary average, but you can climb up the ranks quickly if you dedicate yourself to training and education. Medical Assistant Salary Adviser was another site she used to do some research. Based on it, medical assistants can be divided into three basic types:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant – focusing on patient care.
  • Administrative Medical Assistant – which deals with patient’s records, appointments and billing.
  • Specialized Medical Assistant or Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) – specializes through training in a specific area, such as oncology, pediatrics or family medicine.

Your chances of getting a job as a medical assistant are very good, with an estimated growth of 29%, for the period between 2012 and 2022, which is a lot better than 11%, a percentage for all other occupations. According to projections, there will be an extra 162,900 medical assistants, and you could be one of them too!

But, becoming a medical assistant means you also have shot at becoming a registered nurse, which pays a lot better, but you need to work your way up, which is exactly what my friend did, and now she’s close to getting a Bachelor of Science in nursing, which is the highest rank among the nursing staff. They can diagnose patients, and even prescribe certain medications. But, even if you don’t reach that far, the numbers for all nursing careers are looking good, with projected growth figures between 19 and 25 % between 2012 and 2022.

My friend managed to turn her life around and almost by accident embarked on a fulfilling, meaningful career. Nursing careers offer more than just a salary. Job satisfaction and knowing that you are helping people can really make a difference.

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