Will Shaving that Beard Make A Better You?

To shave or not to shave that is the question at hand. When or if that question is being considered, some may want to ponder a few things. A study on beards and what women think of beards was conducted last year by 'Evolution and Human Behavior Institute.' The study indicated that, women overall prefer men with heavy stubble then their counterparts who are clean shaven or have very light stubble or full beards.

When men in the study were asked what is preferable by their male peers, they said they thought full beards and heavy stubble was the answer given the most. Clean shaven and light stubble was the much lessor of the choices.

The research was conducted by two professors, Barnaby Dixon and Rob Brooks. The two both teach at the University of New South Whales. The participants of the study included both men and women. The groups were shown 10 pictures of smiling men. Every man in the pictures, was shown at four different stages, with light stubble, clean shaven, 10 days of growth and a full beard. The men and women were asked to give a rating to each man at every stage. Consistently the clear winner or the stage with the highest rankings were the men at the heavy stubble stage.

The researchers were asked about the findings. They say only that full bearded men were perceived as good or better fathers, and more mature. They were also thought to be more faithful and responsible, but necessarily the most attractive. They also went on to say that men with full beards are often thought of as more masculine and more dominate and aggressive. Overly aggressive can be looked upon in a negative light say the researchers. They say the reason why light stubble fairs so low, is because it doesn't send an strong enough statement, it's too subtle.

However before you go shaving it all off there are even a few more things to consider. Mens Fitness Magazine also released some interesting factoids about men and beards, and the way people and women perceive them. Most bearded men will have a lot of respect, but not as many dates as their counterparts who elect to be clean shaven. The magazine recently referred to a study whose participants included 200 women. The women were showed pictures of men with a beard and clean shave. Fifty men's pictures were used in the study.

The same man was shown with a beard and without a beard, the women were asked in their opinion which man was more attractive. The pictures that were clean shaven were picked over 80% of the time. Those findings speak out very loudly to the fact that women prefer clean shaven men.

Both men and women concur that men with beards often times garner more respect and are thought of as mature and more worldly then their clean shaven counterparts. Light stubble is sometimes the preference of women over a clean shaven baby face look. Sometimes that old adage “beauty is the eye of the beholder” may apply.

However in most studies conducted on the issue, it is always an overwhelming number of women think men that are clean shaven are more attractive then men that aren't. Perhaps if the issue is coming up, a person may have had a beard for a while, change is good more often then not, if it's not working out, and the new found vibes from being clean shaven are not as expected, then growing a beard is not that hard to do again. Here is to new beginnings and change!


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Finding A New Perspective – With Bees

Life can get so busy and stressful sometimes that it is easy to lose sight of the things that are important to you, the things that really matter, the things that make you happy. Sometimes you just need to take a step back, pause a little, and remind yourself that the world is a big crazy place and you need to follow the path that is right for you. That’s why I took up bee keeping. I have a very stressful life, most can be attributed to a demanding job, if your like me and decided to find a new one you might find this online resume builder useful, you can find it here. Anyway… bee keeping makes it sound a little more grand than it actually is, but I had read recently a lot about how bee numbers are declining around the world and it seemed like a good chance for me to give something back to my local environment, so I got set up a small beehive in my garden. My garden is pretty tiny, it’s not some orchard full of fruit trees and berries, it’s just a little small suburban garden, but the bees seem to like it. Here’s some of the things that I’ve learnt about keeping bees.

Bees can fly

At first I was worried that my bees wouldn’t be able to make any honey because there wasn’t really a lot of flowers or blossom in my garden. What surprised me was that bees can happily fly up to two miles from the hive in order to gather the nectar and pollen that they search for. So you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of flowers in your garden, there just need to be some flowers somewhere in the neighbourhood. The bees will be more productive if they don’t have to fly too far (bees get tired) but don’t underestimate your bees.

Bees cant swim

One of the essential things for your bees is that they need to have access to water. They use the water to dilute the honey that they produce and also to keep their hive cool during warm weather. The best way to give your bees water is to have some water running through loose gravel. They don’t cope well with open buckets of water (as they drown) so I’ve taken the opportunity to create a nice little water feature next to the hive. When I first switched it on I anxiously monitored it for any signs of bees floating face down, but so far it seems to be working and no dead bees.

Bees like smoke

One of my favourite things to do as a bee keeper, and possibly the main reason that I decided to get a bee hive, is to put on the big veiled hat, waft a lot of smoke around and inspect the hive. During peak honey producing season it’s important to inspect the hive at least once a week – checking for any signs of disease in your bees or other misfortunes. The smoke calms the bees down and helps to ensure that you don’t hurt anyone of them while you’re checking the hive. Maybe your neighbor keeps bees and now you have a bee problem within your household? We’ve found this website which has tons of info on bees and bee control methods.

I am now completely obsessed with my bees, but above all it is a great daily reminder that whatever is happening out there in the world, I am doing my bit to help the bees.

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Sometimes Changing Your Life Means Big Decisions

Sometimes a little change can make a big difference. It may seem like a little thing to some people, but that little change makes a huge difference in how you see yourself. That change can be as simple as a little plastic surgery in the right place, and no one else need even know about it. All that matters is that you know about it for it to make a difference in how you see things. Sometimes those decisions start with some little ones, and changing your life means big decisions.

One of the problems I have had since an early age is that my clothes fit too tight. We are not talking “too tight” in that the clothes are the wrong size, but that I rubbed against my clothes in all the wrong places. This can make even the loosest pants or softest material hurt just to wear. Suffice to say that this means that any number of social situations were out of the question, as dances encouraged too much motion for comfort and pool parties required tight, painful clothes even for just lounging around. There hit a point where I realized that a labiaplasty was possibly the best solution.

A labiaplasty is a surgery that reduces the size or changes the shape of the labia. This can sometimes be mistaken for vaginoplasty which in fact deals with the inner vagina walls and is not the same thing. For some women the labia is just large enough to cause irritation whenever it rubs against anything, such as clothes. This can create additional problems, especially if the area is rubbed raw. Although infection rarely results, the pain can be a problem, especially for those that need to wear tight clothes. Although there are some some solutions, such as wearing loose underwear or lubricants, these solutions usually tend to be short-term and more drastic solutions need to be considered and researched thoroughly, and I considered several before deciding on the labiaplasty.

After the labiaplasty my life turned around. It may sound like a minor thing to wear whatever I wanted to, but it does make a major difference. It meant that I was not stuck at home and could actually enjoy a beer with co-workers. I could actually take advantage of the invitations I was receiving and let my hair down a little. It meant some dance lessons were in order for me to really enjoy my new found freedom but the lessons were worth it. I was a new woman and the dance floor was my new friend.

There were some changes at work as well. Because I no longer had to settle on loose clothing I was able to enjoy clothes shopping. It may sound shallow, but there are few dresses that look good hanging from a woman’s frame; now I could wear something that felt comfortable without having to be loose. This is not to say I went wild and started wearing tight dresses, but I was comfortable enough to wear just about anything, and the change was noticed at work. The labiaplasty opened up new doors for me, and I walked right through them.

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My Checklist Manifesto

My Checklist Manifesto:

I recently had to go to a IT systems and solutions conference in Sydney, Australia. However, in the past every time I had to go on a conference trip out of town I used to find myself forgetting something important that I should have taken with me from home and ended up having to purchase while at the conference.  It always ends up racking up my unplanned expenses and not to mention buying something I didn’t really have a need to buy, had if I had planned my trip a little better.

It is a pain, as the item may not always be available at the hotel convenience store or I’ll have to make a special trip at the end of long day to go out get the item. I can compromise on not having a lot of things but, I need to have my shave in the morning.

I like to have smooth shave, sometimes I like using razor which gives a lot smoother shave as compared to an electric shaver. But I like the convenience of carrying an electric shaver, so that I don’t need to take the shaving gel or shaving brush. Since last 5 years or more I’ve used the electric shaver for the most part.

But we are digressing from the main topic I wanted to address in this article, which is, quoting from Benjamin Franklin, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure err..a little up front planning can go a long way in stopping unplanned emergencies and spending extra monies in unplanned purchases. So I’ve prepared a checklist of items that I plan on taking on each trip. I was inspired in part after reading the book, Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande. By the way, if you haven’t read it I certainly recommend for your reading. I saved this checklist to my Evernote app. To prepare the trip I visualized myself doing all the things while at the conference, starting with waking up and getting ready to packing my grooming kit, enough dresses, under clothing, socks, shoes and gym clothes, pairs of shoes etc.

So now, before I go on a trip I’m starting the process at least 2-3 days ahead of time and open up my trusty Evernote check list and start accumulating all the items one by one in my spare room. Once all the items are gathered, I pack them the night before travel.


One of the other items, I sued to commonly forget to pack is my laptop charger or the cell phone charger. Now you can relate to how big a hassle it can be without the chargers. Yes, there are options available that can compensate for the poor up front planning, but it comes with an added expense.

But I’m very happy to report that since I started following my new system i.e. my well thought out check list, I haven’t experienced any issues in terms of forgetting to pack something important and having to make unplanned purchases. Hope you have couple of insights that might be able to help you with your next trip and save you some dollars in unplanned purchases.

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Home Sweet Home: Creating a Sanctuary for Your Family

Parents often worry that when their children start having a circle of friends and new interests of their own, they may not often see their kids at home anymore.

Well, this normally happens at an age when the children begin to socialize and mingle with their own peer. They would hang out more often with their friends than they would with their parents. It hurts the parents to see their kids slowly slipping away, but they must learn to accept the inevitable.

Keeping the children at home

While it is true your children will not be by your side for the rest of your life, you can do something to make them want to stay home as often as they can. Here are some of the ways.

  • Keep your house always neat and orderly. Make it a cozy and comfortable place to live in – with the bed sheets regularly changed and the rooms well ventilated. In other words, turn your dwelling into a place that your children will look forward to come home to at the end of each day.
  • Try not to be too rigid with house rules. Keep your house orderly but stay away from the kids’ bedrooms if possible. Children do not like their parents to be fixing their bedroom mess because they have a way of arranging their stuff, no matter how topsy-turvy it may seem. Just remind them now and then that they need to straighten up their rooms as part of their duties in the house.
  • Keep the pantry full. Children are always hungry. If they cannot find enough food to eat in the pantry, they will look for it somewhere else.
  • Keep the kitchen busy with something that is always cooking. Prepare their favorite dishes on weekends. Plan your meals so that you can still serve warm and freshly cooked food during weekday dinners.
  • Invest on some interesting board games and sports items. Schedule a night of games for everyone. At first the kids might find this boring but once you establish the habit, they will learn to like the fun family nights.
  • Keep your communication open. Talk to your children in a loving manner but keep a firm hand when instilling discipline. Love them naturally without expecting them to give back the same love to you. Love is earned, not imposed or demanded and when you give it unconditionally, they will do the same in return.

Home is where the heart is and there is no place like home, so the old sayings go. Strive to make your home a sanctuary for you and your kids so that wherever they may decide to be when they grow up, they know they have a place to go home to.

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Finding Medical Miracles to Cure Various Illnesses

getting healthyYou have probably heard about medical miracles from the news, social media networks, work place or even your own neighborhood. In this age of modern technology and medicine, most people would much prefer to bank on scientific methods to cure their ailments.

However, the potency of alternative medical cure must not be underestimated as many of them have been proven to be effective.

The body as a machine

The body is like a machine that needs to be checked and maintained on a regular basis. Just like a car, the oil must be replaced, the motor must be lubricated and the exterior must be washed and polished as well. The human body must be given all the attention and care that it needs for it to stay fit and healthy all the time. More than the medicines, surgery and clinical treatments that are provided when one is sick, disease prevention through health maintenance works better.

Proper nutrition

To correct poor health, a person must make sure he is getting enough nourishment from the food that he eats. Meanwhile when he becomes sick, his nutritional provisions must be intensified so that his body’s immune system will have enough strength to fight the disease. This can be observed on a person who is sick with flu. By providing him with vitamin-rich foods, his body eventually regains strength and recovers from the virus. Proper and enough nutrition then is the answer to many diseases.

Medical miracles often take place through nourishing the body with the right nutrients that will help it counter diseases. Even cancer, a much-dreaded disease, is said to respond well to nutrition as an alternative means to eradicate the symptoms.

Although pharmaceutical products are the proven and accepted cures to all maladies, the field of medicine is now slowly accepting the natural approach of treating sick people.

Looking for the miracle cures

So where can one find the miracle cures? Can the healing priest in your community provide this miracle treatment on your sick child? No, he cannot. But you can find the miracle cures right under your watch if you will only open your eyes and mind.

The use of natural methods in curing the sick is actually within your reach. They can be the greens in the market or the herbs in your garden. Indeed medical miracles are in your hands and it is up to you to decide how to utilize them to the fullest.

At this point, one must also take note that medical miracles are also brought by adapting a healthy lifestyle in which you have to treat your body well by not abusing it through late nights and poor eating habits.

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Loving Unconditionally by Living for Others

positive livingWhat makes you want to get up in the morning? This question is used in an advertisement where several people are asked what motivates them to get up from bed everyday. Some answered it is their work. Others answered it is their hobbies. On the other hand, quite a few referred to their families as their motivation. Of the three responses, the last one shows there are indeed people that live their lives not for themselves alone, but for others as well, which is their loved ones.

Understanding unconditional love

Love is not merely a feeling. When you meet a person and you feel your heart throbbing wildly and your eyes flutter while you talk to him or her, it does not really mean that you love the person already. On the other hand when you cry so painfully because your partner deserted you to be with another love interest, the tears do not necessarily define love. Telling a person you love him from head to toe because his eyes make you melt and his scent makes you faint in ecstasy is not enough to show your love.

More of an action and commitment

Love is more of an action and commitment. Holding, hugging and lovemaking are only physical intimacies that form part of the whole act of loving. More than any of these physical closeness, love is demonstrated by keeping up with your commitment with the person. This means you must be willing to stay with your loved one through time, regardless of his imperfections and faults.

When you say you love a person because he is kind and thoughtful, you do not really love him per se. Instead, you feel like you love him because of the things he is doing to you, which satisfies and makes you happy. The issue now is, when the person ceases to meet your expectations, your love starts to wane. That is not true love at all, for love that is real does not put conditions or terms of measurement on the other person’s capacity to love back.

Living for others

When you live for others, you make yourself available for the people you love at all times, especially when they are in need of your attention, care or presence. By living for others, you are willing to put aside your own priorities and put the person in front of you so that you can back him up. With unconditional love, you cease to be selfish but you become selfless instead. And since love begets love, those you love and live for will naturally love you back and will be willing to live for you as well.

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Daniel The Travel Nurse

I had a friend from college, Daniel, come into town the other day. He is going to be moving down here for next couple months because of work. He is a travel nurse and gets to work all over the country. He has been doing this for years and makes over $100,000 per year. The companies he works for always cover is moving costs and give him short term housing allowance.

According to Nurse Frontier, Travel nurses make an average of $85,000 per year. Coming out of school, a travel nurse salary of just under $70,000. That is nice chunk of change. These nurses get paid very well because there are not enough of them hospitals at the moment. Until the labor market catches up to the demand, these high salaries will not change.

Sometimes he gets me thinking this. “Gee. What did not I get into that.” When we were in college, I used to make fun of him by saying nursing was only for girls. He got the last laugh. He got a good job out of college and makes more money now than most people I know. He has got the right idea and applaud him for sticking to what wanted despite the criticism.

Anyway, he came to down and I wanted introduce him properly to my home state of Texas. I took him out for barbeque food. I took him to my favorite restaurant in the area. He loved it and now understands why people are so fat in Texas. It is because they have great food and no self control. That is usually a dangerous combination. I have come to embrace and be happy with it.

Daniel was more surprised by the number of overweight anything else he had seen so far in Texas. Daniel is originally from northern New Jersey. People are a lot thinner in the northeast region United States. I do not know why the northeast have less fat people than in the Texas. Don’t we all eat the same food? I guess not.

Daniel has seen a good portion of the United Stated in his eight years as a travel nurse. I asked him if Texas stood out to him some how. Daniel said people in Texas have a lot of Texan pride. They believe they are as much Texan as they are American. I have to agree with this. Texan pride runs far and deep. I told Daniel that aspect of Texas takes some getting used to.

Other than that, he is adjusting well. He figured out his was around the city. The also has a cheap place right outside the heart of the city. Daniel is doing pretty well for himself. I would just urge to watch this political views. He could really tick off the wrong people with that liberal jargon he tells everyone else once in awhile. Nonetheless, Daniel will be here for a little while longer so he will have plenty to grow.

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Seeing the World and Keeping Your Documents and Money Safe at the Same Time

dangerSt. Augustine once said, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” For some this might not be something that they believe in, but for a good number of people, they think that this is really true.

Traveling unlocks a lot of different aspects about us that we didn’t even expect to have. It’s not just a matter of seeing the world and taking selfies and groufies. One newbie traveler might get be able to realize that the world isn’t that scary at all. Another might fall in love with this new culture and decide to stay for good. Others would even find a whole new purpose in life, like volunteering for social work. When we see the world and all its beauty, madness and ugliness, we are able to see how we take part in the interwoven stories of every individual there is on the planet. It’s not just and adventure to treat one’s wanderlust but an adventure of self-discovery.

It really would not be surprising if you would board a plane any time soon to actually see how you would be able to find yourself amidst the craziness of the world.

While we roam around, it’s also important to secure everything

Be everything, we mean everything, from your set of clothing, to you papers and money. Living out there in a new world, you would need a tether so won’t get lost. It’s not just for security matters or identification matters, but at least you know that at the end of the day, you can still go back to the life you once had if you didn’t find what you’re looking for out there.

You will never know what to expect out there

New places could mean new challenges and even new dangers, like pickpockets and thieves. Each city has its own version of them, so it would be best to not let your guard down when the time comes. This website has more ideas on how to keep your documents safe. Think about losing your money, card and documents while you are busy trying to find yourself. Now wouldn’t that be a shame if you did?

Grab your most preferred tool

There is a wide array of things that you can use to secure your most valued things. Your passport for example can be stored in a passport protector. You can also buy a travel document holder to keep every paper that you have intact and organized. You could also go for a safe wallet or travel wallet, which can contain your phone and cards. Keep your things organized so you won’t be able to lose them.

See the world, find yourself more comfortably

Securing your most important documents, money and cards can be a huge part of traveling and moving around from one place to the next. It gives you peace of mind to know that even when you’re putting yourself out there, you would still have something to come back to every time you feel like you don’t know where you are headed anymore.


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Spreading Information on Diseases Might be Your Calling in Life

haha-sickIf you still don’t know what you really wanted in life, then you need to reflect harder. You might be doing things that don’t make you happy deep inside. If you can drop them and find something better to work on, then don’t be afraid to do it.

You have to ask yourself first why you are working. Is it because of the money? Is it because someone else forced you to do it? Is it really what you want in life? If you think that you are doing your job for all the wrong reasons, then it is high time to leave it behind and search for something else. After all, we work not just for money, but to fulfill our calling in life.

Other people need you

There are a lot of people who need your help. Think about what your strengths are and find a way to work on those strengths to be of help to others. If you are good in speaking and in socializing, then you can use it to inform and inspire other people. This might be your calling after all. The reason why you are not happy with your job is because you don’t make use of your skills to be of help to others. If you start doing things that will allow you to share your knowledge with others, then it will eventually make you happy.

Spread information that raises awareness

You might be needed right now to raise awareness on various diseases. There are a lot of places in this world where people are not properly educated. If they are, then it could have been easier for them to avoid certain diseases. If you have knowledge about these diseases, then you can organize an information dissemination drive. You can go to remote areas to talk about health issues. You can also create a team that will be with you in spreading awareness.

One of the most pressing issues especially in remote areas is yeast infection among women. It is a very simple problem that can be easily treated with the right medication. Sadly, most women in those areas don’t know what to do if they get infected. As a result, they end up with something worse. Yeast infection should be gone in a day or two but it is longer for those who have no idea on how to treat it. They need you and you have to tell them about the possible causes, symptoms and treatment for yeast infection. You don’t have to be a medical expert to spread information. There is information online that you can easily print. You can visit YeastInfectionMiracles.com to learn more about it. If not, you can consult a doctor to give you the right materials to give to the community. If you can partner with a medical expert in going to remote areas, then it is better.

Satisfying feeling

After doing this job, you will realize that it makes you a lot happier. It might not be financially rewarding, but it can give you happiness any other job won’t give you.

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You are a Mother – Be Proud of It!

You are a Mother – Be Proud of It!When you have always been there for your kids since they were young, you might come to a point of giving up. Aside from the fact that your life has just revolved around your kids, you also feel like you have not accomplished anything else in life. This is worsened by the idea that you used to have a high-powered career. Now, you have no other choice but to put an end to that kind of life since you are facing a different challenge. Although it is satisfying, it can also burn you out. This is why some mothers wanted to just have a pause from their responsibilities. Sadly, when you are a mother, there is really no pause button for that. You have to be a mother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A lot of mothers have ended up being depressed. They are not happy with the kind of life that they have. They think that they are not worth anything else other than just that. If you feel this way, then it is time to change your mindset.

Being a mother is not easy

When you think that you have no other accomplishment because you have focused on being just a mother, you are wrong. The truth is that it is already an accomplishment in itself. There are a lot of people out there who have accomplished a lot in life but have not found happiness because they were not blessed to become mothers. You are lucky to be one. You have to cherish it. Besides, every step in your child’s life is a different moment. All of these things happen only once and you can never bring them back. Once you have managed all of them, you can definitely be proud of what you have achieved. Many others won’t be able to do what you have done.

Do better for your kids

If you want to be happier, then don’t give up being a mother. Instead, do more. Try to be there for your children even if they don’t ask you to. If they have homework, try to be there to help them out. If they have performances in school, make sure that your support them. Most of all, try to be make your house feel like a home. They need to feel that they are loved when they come home to a house that is clean and relaxing.

To improve your house, buy carpets. They look amazing. They also come in different styles and sizes. Your kids can run around and play in your carpet. This will make them enjoy their childhood even more. You just have to be particular with their help. Try to use carpet cleaners that are safe and effective. You need to view first the list of the best carpet cleaners and decide which one is best for you. You can also go for the best home carpet cleaner comparison to easily make your decision. Once you have made your home a better place to live in, then it will transform your life and that of your kids. Most of all, never forget the joy of being a mother.

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Redecorate Your House and Redesign Your Life

Redecorate Your House and Redesign Your LifeWhen you want to change your life right now, you might have huge plans. You might think of getting a new job or starting your own business. You might also think about leaving abroad or traveling to places you’ve never seen before. You have grand plans just to turn things around. The truth is that you don’t have to do all these costly plans. You can simply stay home and change your house. Soon, you will realize that you are also gradually changing your own life. Everything starts from home. When you have found ways to make your home better, then you will soon find a way to make your life a lot better too,

Buy new house décor

If you feel like your life is meaningless right now and you need changes, then start from your own home. You might feel that way because you are seeing the same abode for several years now. When you buy new home decors, you might have a fresh perspective and this could make you feel better. You can start with your living room. Get a new sofa or buy a new carpet. You can also change the paintings hanging on the wall. If not, you can change the color of your wall painting. It is up to you. As long as the changes provide you with a better perspective in life, then it is good enough.

Head to your kitchen and make changes

You might also need changes in your kitchen and you have not thought of this for a long time. Your kitchen is a place that is used every day. You cook there and even eat there. You also store all the items you need to cook in the kitchen. This is why it has to be perfect. If you want to change the kitchen, then you can buy new cooking appliances and utensils. You can also improve the storage areas. You just have to remember the small details that could make the difference. Your kitchen faucets are among them. You might not give that much attention to these faucets, but they are actually game changes. With a good kitchen faucet, your kitchen will be a lot better. You just need to ask what are the best kitchen faucets and invest on them. You can also check out this kitchen faucet reviews website to determine which among the options will suit your place best.

How will this help?

You might say that this entire idea is crazy. The truth is that it can change your life in one way or another. Your house is where you spend most of your time. It is not your office or elsewhere. This is why you need it to be perfect looking. You can’t afford having a place that makes you feel miserable and lonely. When your house looks better, then you will have a fresher perspective in life. It will make you think harder and even plan better for your future. It is just a simple change, but it can do a lot to help you and improve your life.

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When You Hate Your Job? Start a Business!

When You Hate Your Job, Start a BusinessSome people might laugh at you when you are the type who keeps on changing jobs. You will be deemed as someone who is never content with his life. You are seen as irrational, hotheaded and with no bright future ahead of you. They don’t understand is that you are searching for something in life that you have not yet found, it is easy for others to judge especially if they have found their calling. For people like you, it is a struggle. You might not want being a slave to others. You hate waking up early to a job that you don’t like doing. You don’t see any reason for enjoying a job that is clerical, repetitive and useless. This is why you keep leaving.

Though you should not be judged for your decision to leave, you owe it to yourself and your family to start something that does not make you sad. If you are miserable being an employee to a particular company, why find another jump which is more or less of the same nature, but of a different employer? If you don’t think working for someone makes you happy, then start your own business. This may or may not work for you, but this could be a unique endeavor that you are yet to try. Who knows? It might actually be your calling.

Think of the right business

Everything begins on the question of what the business should be. Look no further. Just see what is in your heart and find out if you are passionate about it. If you are the type who loves teaching, but hates being a school teacher, then open your own tutorial business. If you like computers, but you hate working for an IT company, then build your own IT company from scratch. There are a lot of viable businesses out there. You just have to find one that suits you and your preference. You might not find it soon, but you will surely push for it once you have found what you love doing.

Check if it could work

After cutting down the options based on your preferences, the next thing to do is to cut it even further based on viability. You must pursue a business that you want, but should also be something that could work. Don’t go for a business that might not even give you any income at all. One of the best options would have to be accessories. Everyone loves wearing accessories. You might also be a fan of accessories. This is a field that you could be passionate of and at the same time, you are sure that people would buy the product.

To pursue this field, look useful accessories such as the best watch. A lot of people will buy one for sure. You have to refine the products that you sell too by picking high quality choices at affordable prices. You can read watch reviews from Watch Time Go By for more ideas.

You will soon realize that your life has drastically changed when you begin to smile while running your business. You will then tell yourself that this is something that you should have done a long time ago.

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Rediscovering Yourself After a Divorce

If you just got out of a divorce then you are now faced with a lot of decisions to make. The truth is that a divorce proceeding can leave someone down and out of it. But divorce is not the end of it all. Certainly there is life after divorce.

It may be hard to believe right at this very moment that this divorce that is tormenting you will one day just become a simple part of our past. But the truth is, it will be. If you fear living a life without the person you have loved for so long beside you, then you are letting your fear make decisions for you. This fear is natural but it can end once you get through the denial stage that you cannot live with one another anymore. Acceptance of your situation is the key to picking yourself up and rediscovering yourself.

Pick up the Pieces

after-divorceLife must go on for you. Part of rediscovering yourself is to live your life while in the grieving stage. You still have a life worthy of living. Hopefully the legal side of things is already behind you, otherwise click here for advice. Today in Australia, a lot of people are getting divorced but a lot of them are living their lives individually. You probably will not know when your grieving will end but one thing that you have to realize is that at one point, you will have to get out of it. All you have to do to deal with this grieving is to live your daily life in a positive way. Focusing on positive things like your kids and work will help you live through it.

An important aspect of rediscovering yourself after a divorce is to think back at who and what you were. This holds true if you were married to your spouse for a very long time. Surely you have made a lot of sacrifices that you once had before you got married. Try to think about the ‘old you’ and the things that you loved doing when you were single. Maybe you loved to dine out alone while trying the newest restaurant in the neighborhood or you loved watching sport events like cricket and rugby that your spouse was not into it. Now is probably the right time to bring these things back into your life without sacrificing your role to your children. Putting these into practice after your divorce will help you rebuild your life and put it back together as a single person.

Move on and Move Forward

This is also the time that will allow you to discover what and who the new you is all about. Divorce offers you two options. The first is to let the divorce get the better of you and second, to find out about what you can do on your own. The latter is the better choice, as this will allow you to practice the freedom to decide on which direction your life will take.

This is actually an exciting aspect of your life. A lot of realizations and discovery will come to you. Maybe you realized that you wanted a new hairdo or would like to go on a safari trip to Africa. As long as the changes and actions are beneficial to you, then you are on the right path to rediscovering yourself.

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How to Get Noticed by Changing Your Style

happy-hairWhen moving on from a depressing or life-altering experience, it is not enough to change your outlook or frame of mind. True, that will result to long lasting changes, and maybe that much needed emotional cleansing, but looking good on the outside is also important. Taking care of yourself is a manifestation of self-love. Take for example the case of a girl whose boyfriend dumped her; the immediate reaction would be to cry and become depressed. Yes, but after getting over the emotional pain, the natural course of action is to lose weight or change her appearance. She will then become more attractive and be a person who takes better care of herself physically.

Outward appearances are not always shallow because they help a person who has gone through so much pain get that much needed boosts of confidence. The changes don’t need to be big, you could simply click here for a simple way to spice up your hair style. Sometimes all it takes is just a little upgrade on your wardrobe in order for people to start noticing you. For this to happen, there are some things that you will have to consider when choosing what to wear.

  • Choose clothes that look good on you. It definitely has to have that perfect fit. What people need to know is that clothes that are too loose or too tight do not complement the body well. It does not matter if it is a simple pair of shorts bought off the rack at a flea market or the latest Italian designer suit; the important thing is that it fits well and it looks good on you. The good thing about choosing the right fitting clothes is that it makes you project a positive vibe to others.
  • Remember to dress appropriately. This is mainly applicable when it comes to weather conditions. If you need to go out and it is sweltering hot outside, then it does not make sense to walk around in a trench coat and a scarf around your neck. Dress lightly without forgetting about the right fit.
  • Dress for the occasion. This will certainly add class to your new style of clothing. How do you go about it? Simple – ask or research for some advice. If you are going to an event then the best thing to do is to ask the person who invited you if there is a dress code. If you are going to a black tie affair, men will have to wear a diner jacket and a bow tie to the event. If this is the case, you will probably have to enhance your style with something else like a new haircut and a fresh aftershave or perfume to get you noticed.

After a makeover, people are generally observed to be more confident and sure of themselves. They are more open to getting to know more people and forming new relationships – be they business, work, or romantic times. A person who does not feel good about himself will not be able to get off the pity pot and start fresh. So it’s really important to change your style and still be careful not to change who you really are.

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Know your purpose in life to live a happy and a fulfilled life

Many of us are living a mundane life that has no meaning or purpose attached to it. While we all wish to live an inspired life, living each day with the zeal and purpose to rise up and live for the day, this is not always the case.

Knowing our purpose in life maybe planning our future on a day to day basis on whether we live up to our dreams or during difficult times. If you are not aware of how to realize your purpose in life, this article will be of great help.

1. Realize your purpose in life
One thing that may stop you from realizing your purpose in life is your failure to think of your purpose for existence. Everyone has a purpose in their lives but it is only those whop have hearts to listen and minds to apply ends up realizing their purpose. Try to think of what your purpose is and start applying it. Living a life that has no purpose is like living with colorized teeth without even thinking of finding out the best teeth whitening toothpaste to take care of the matter.

2. Evaluate your skills
Just like you cannot purchase whitening toothpaste without considering the cost of teeth whitening, the same applies to the realization of a purpose in life. You need to start evaluating your skills and see if you can develop new ones. You may be surprised to realize that you are potentially a brilliant artist, a salesperson, a scientist, a good communicator, or any other skill that can give a meaning to your life. You can also visit career expositions and seminars which can open your minds to more possibilities.

3. Appreciate what life has given you
By taking time to step back and examine the good things that you have already done or achieved, this can bring a sense of gladness and appreciation. This can also help you find ways to avoid doing things that may cause you unhappiness or dissatisfaction. Just take time and think of how you can contribute to the world by making a difference in your backyard. It can be as simple as that.

4. Think positively
I once heard someone say that “it is all in our minds”. Things will happen depending on how you perceive them to be. For this reason, you need to understand that a positive mind is very important when it comes to realizing your purpose in life. With a positive mind, you will not be of inspiration to yourself but also to others. By thinking positively, actions that follow your thinking are likely to be positive. This is the basis of a universal law know as “law of attraction” and you can apply it into your day to day life. By living a life full of positive thinking, you can be a source of inspiration to both yourself and others.

Find your purpose in life and maximize your potential and live your dream because until you realize your purpose, you will never be fulfilled. Your life has a purpose and all you need is to realize yours and move towards this purpose while living and enjoying each and every day as you realize your goals. By so doing, you will be living your life to the fullest. Remember life is so short to be wasted doing nothing of value.

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Before You Discover Your Purpose In Life, Get Healthy

The goal here is to help you discover your purpose in life. We have showcased stories of many different people here who have transformed their life for the better. When you’re transforming yourself you can focus on the body, spirit or the mind. Preferably you will transform all three to make sure you are the best possible human you can be.

Today we will be focusing on transforming the body. Your purpose in life might not be surrounded around health and fitness but I can guarantee you that you will have a much better outlook on life if you are fit and healthy while you are driving to succeed in your purpose. So in this article we will discuss a few tips to help you get started on the right foot as you work to improve your body.

Calories In Vs. Calories Out

The first law of thermodynamics states: energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change forms. What does this mean when you’re trying to lose weight? Well, food has calories (or energy) and when you live your life and exercise you burn energy (calories). If you eat more calories than you are burning those extra calories go into your body as fat or muscle and you gain weight. If you eat less calories than you are burning then your body must make up for that with it’s own fuel (fat) so you will lose weight. If you eat the same amount of calories that you burn then you will stay the same weight.

So, if you want to lose weight, eat less calories than you burn on a given day.

Depending on how active you are will depend on how many calories you’re burning. For example, a waiter or waitress is far more active than a receptionist. You can find good estimates of how many calories you burn online depending on your activity level.

To figure out how many calories you’re eating, just keep track of exactly what you eat for the day and then use the nutrition labels to figure out how many calories you ate. If you have a smartphone you can use the app myfitnesspal to track everything for you.

Hit The Gym

One of the ways to burn more calories in the day is to exercise more or to build more muscle. Muscle needs a lot of energy to sustain so if you have more muscle then you will burn more calories just sitting around than if you would if you had less muscle. So, a good strategy is to get into the gym and start lifting weights.

There are many different exercises you can do and different types of supplements that you can take to help you build muscle faster. One strategy is to lift as much weight as possible while you’re at the gym. Some people will drink a cup of coffee for the boost in energy that the caffeine gives them, or they will take a pre-workout supplement for that extra boost of energy during their workout.

Do adequate research or talk to a personal trainer to help decide what routine will work best for you and your goals.

With just these two steps you will be well on your way to transforming your body into a masterpiece, which will make you much happier while you’re also pursuing your purpose in life.

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I restarted my studies after many years

teacherMy name is Sarah and I want to tell you about my experience. I started working when I was very young, because I have not had the luck to be born into a wealthy family.

When I had just finished high school I started to look for work.

My first job was as a waitress in a busy bar in the city where I was born. Here I met my husband, who at the time was a forester for a private company. Very often he was doing the night shift, running through the forest, illuminating the path with a flashlight on high power looking for poachers.

You can well imagine that if he worked all night and slept during the day he left the house shortly before I came home from work. The first years of life together were not easy, both for the short time we spent together and the lack of money we had.
There were days when the fatigue was so much that I did not have the strength to take a shower when I got home. After a few years my husband finally had a promotion and with this he began to work fewer hours and only during the day. We lived in a tiny house for rent in the suburbs. In that year we also conceived a child.
The joy of becoming a mother was unfortunately overshadowed by the worry of losing our jobs. My work was very heavy. I worked many hours and then I had to leave the child with a baby sitter. I looked for another job, but unfortunately having no specific qualification nobody offered me something that we could live with.
I have made huge sacrifices to begin studying. This time it was my turn to ask my husband to do the evening shift at work. I studied during the day, many times with the baby in my arms. I worked in the evening. I slept very little and became much thinner. My appearance was certainly not the best.
I and my entire family have made enormous sacrifices for a long time. However I finally managed to get my diploma as a kindergarten teacher. Now my situation is greatly improved. I currently work in a nursery from 8 am until 2 pm.

The salary is good and I have a lot of time to devote to my family. We moved house and now we live in a little cottage near the school where I work.

All that’s left is to have another child and then soon our family will grow in number.
I’m very happy right now and I want to give some advice to all the people who are experiencing a difficult time.
For me and for my family it was not easy to face my studies. We had very little money and I had to take care of a newborn baby. There were difficult days and many times I thought I would not make it.
But when I think back now to all the satisfaction I have in this moment I feel completely sure of my choice. No matter how difficult the path you have chosen: do it! It does not matter if you feel too old and tired to get back in the game. Eventually you will look back on your past and compare it to your bright future full of opportunities and you will understand that it is definitely worth it.

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